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2666: A Novel book

2666: A Novel by Roberto Bolano

2666: A Novel

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2666: A Novel Roberto Bolano ebook
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 0312429215, 9780312429218
Page: 912
Format: epub

Shanghai private library 2666 Shanghai wordsmith Sun Ganlu (孙甘露) dives into a novel at 2666. Since Bolaño's mind tends to work most powerfully in self-contained bursts (anecdotes, images, monologues) rather than in narrative continuity, skipping around is far less of a ño-ño than it would be in a traditional novel. According to his heirs, Roberto Bolaño left instructions that his final work, 2666, should be published as five separate novels, each corresponding to one of the sections of the book as it appears today. That is the basis for their connection. The English translation hits stores next Tuesday and the reviews couldn't be better, especially considering the book's 912 pages. My review of Roberto Bolaño's monumental posthumous novel 2666 should run on PopMatters sometime soon. Namely, Bolaño's wish was for 2666 to be published in separate volumes, one per year ( I believe). Published a year after his death and translated into English a few more years later, it is an enormous book that defies summary. Several days ago, I came out with a rather clumsy post (mostly written during my lunch break) comparing "The Part About Archimboldi" to a novel by Jakov Lind called Landscape in Concrete. 2666 is Roberto Bolano's master statement. 2666 is a novel written by Roberto Bolaño and published posthumously in Spanish in 2004. It is clear that Bolaño's oeuvre builds towards 2666 and finds its fullest expression in it. In the first section of Bolano's 2666, the academics have Archembolo's books in common. The novel's cryptic title is one of its many grim jokes; there is no reference to this figure in its 900 pages. Roberto Bolaño's final novel 2666, released posthumously, is a sprawling literary tome. The review of Bolaño's novel 2666, the part about Amalfitano (which is shorter than the first installment). Not marble, nor the gilded monuments.